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 ORIVE Land Surveying, LLC....... A family tradition!

ORIVE Land Surveying, LLC is ready and able to meet all your surveying needs. The Orive family has been surveying the Rio Grande Valley for more than 30 years. First through Daniel Orive, Sr. and then through Daniel Orive, Jr., both Registered Professional Land Surveyors licensed in the state of Texas. 


Daniel Orive, Jr.'s extended knowledge started as a teenager when he trained with his dad, Daniel Orive, Sr. This early training allowed him to learn every area of surveying from data collection, deed research and analyzing data both in the field and in the office. 


Mr. Orive is committed to service in his dealings with all clients. This along with his commitment to accuracy in his work makes ORIVE Land Surveying, LLC your clear choice for all your surveying needs. 

 Call us today @ 956-541-9806 or e-mail

"From our family to yours..............

T​ha​nk you for your business!"

     (Orive, Jr. Family)

Meet out Team Members

ORIVE Land Surveying, LLC has a great team of professionals ready to meet all your surveying needs.

Grecia Covarrubias


Grecia is the friendly voice you hear when you call our office and the friendly face you first meet when you visit us. 


Grecia is ready to take surveying orders, payment, answer questions and deliver your completed work at our office when it's ready. 


Grecia is also in charge of the processes necessary to get your subdivision done. Grecia ensures we are doing everything we can to finish the job with accuracy and speed. 

Gil Loredo

Drafting Specialist

Gil started working with 

ORIVE Land Surveying immediately after completing his drafting education and has been personally trained by Mr. Daniel Orive to ensure high ORIVE Land Surveying's standards.


He has now become an expert in the surveying field. 

His professionalism, speed, accuracy, care and 8+ years of experience ensures that all work printed by ORIVE Land Surveying is of highest accuracy. 

Ada Turrubiates

Drafting Specialist

Ada is the newest member of our drafting team. She is currently attending Texas States Technical College (TSTC) and is pursuing a degree in Architecture Engineering. 


Since she started working under the guidance of Mr. Orive and Gil Loredo, she has made great strides and is on her way to "take over this male dominating industry".


Watch out for her as she continues to learn and excel in everything she is given to do.

Ricardo Ramirez

Survey Party Chief

Ricardo is a hard worker who takes pride in his work. He has the crucial responsibility of all data collection needed to complete any land survey. 


He has a vast understanding and knowledge of what is necessary to produce an 

ac​curate land survey. 

There is no terrain or weather obstacle Ricardo and his crew have not encountered.


Ricardo's work ethic, dedication and pride in his work is part of what makes ORIVE Land Surveying successful in meeting our clients' needs. 

Julio Castro


Julio completes our field team. He always has a smile and has a great attitude.


 He is a very hard worker and along with Ricardo completes his tasks in a timely manner so our clients can have their work as soon as possible. 


He is responsible for making sure "Wally" is not left behind.


Data Collector

"Wally" is a member of the ORIVE Land Surveying field team. To his credit, he never misses work. He never calls in sick or takes vacation days. He works in all types of weather. "Wally" is responsible for the accuracy of all surveying work. If you ever see "Wally" out in the community, you can be sure that our survey crew is not far away. "Wally" is a quiet member whose dedication is amazing. We would not be able to do our job without him.


Yes, "Wally" is a machine. 

It completes our field dream team.

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